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Advertising in the shopping center «PASSAGE»

Plot area – 25 000 m2
Number of stores – more than 100
Average cost is 15 000

Adress: Dnipro, D. Yavornitsky pr., 50

Trading Complex «Passage» – this is an ultramodern complex in the heart of Dnepropetrovsk. It united in itself: five floors of shopping center «Passage» with underground parking, restaurants and recreation areas, a romantic French carousel in the square in front of the entrance.

Target advertising:

  • on the largest media screen in Dnipropetrovsk is more than 110 square meters and a side screen of 20 m.
  • on facade backlit, vyichnih sіtі-lajtah that іnshe;
  • on the inland zones, in the litts;
  • LCD-panels, internal radiography;
  • exhibition of cars, authorization of promoters;
  • Event, promo-go to the shopping center, on the square. European
  • bridal carousel and much more.
  • Advertising is on media floors with an area of 110 sq.m. and 20 sq.m..

The largest video screen in Dnipropetrovsk is 110 sq.m. is located on the facade of TC «Passage» along the main avenue of Dnepropetrovsk, where the flow of transport and pedestrians is maximized. The second screen is 20 sq.m., located on one of the main highways of the city, connecting the left and right banks, Shirshov Street. Daily audience of about 100 thousand per.\day.














Advertising on the flagpoles along the European Boulevard, on the city-lanes along the avenue K. Marx along the «Passage», on the trolls on the avenue. K. Marx along  «Passage», on light boxes.














Branding of the «French» carousel on the European square, branding of the square, holding event events on the square, placing advertisements on the facade light boxes of «Passage».

Advertising on banners in the central atrium, advertising in elevators and in adjoining halls.

Exhibiting cars in TC, placing flags in the atrium, branding of elevators, placing promotional stands, racks, holding event events.

Video advertising on LCD panels, audio advertising on the internal radio network, autograph session, hand-made fairs

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