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Video screen


Advertising on a video screen – modern and effective placement of media advertisements on installed video screens. A popular and effective way of attracting the attention of potential customers.
The video screen as well as the media phase combines both text and video content with a wide format of delivery (depending on the format of the screen). There is the possibility of using various content.


  1. Advertising and engagement with interested customers overnight.
  2. High quality graphic advertising image.
  3. Using a wide range of content types.

Main layout options:

  1. Timekeeper – the duration of the video.
  2. The frequency or number of blocks per day is the number of rollout outputs per day.
  3. Period of placement – the period of advertising campaign.

Advertising in elevators

Advertising of various formats is protected by plexiglas.

Promo action

Actions aimed at bringing the company closer to potential customers.

Authorization of the promoter

Tasting, handouts, advice to interested potential customers.

Exposition of the car

Direct direct contact of potential customers with auto.

Banners hanging

Structures that fasten over the ceiling.

Branding inbound group

Advertising on the incoming group of shopping malls

LCD monitors

Advertising on LCD monitors in shopping malls and BCs

Audio advertising

Audio advertising in the shopping center

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