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Advertising in the Caravan shopping center

Location: Kyiv, Lugova, 12
Children’s entertaining complex “Igroland”. The total area is 58 000 sq. M.
Average daily attendance – 20,000 (weekdays), 40,000 (weekends)
More than 200 clothing and footwear stores, “Karavan” grocery hypermarket, “Multiplex” cinema, roller blind, children’s entertaining complex “Igroland”.

Location: Kharkiv, st. Heroes of Labor, 7
Total area – 86 000 sq. M.
Average daily attendance – 35,000 (weekdays), 50,000 (weekends)
Every year in the shopping center “Caravan” there are many events: dance shows, contests
for children and adults, performances by musicians of different directions and free concerts
pop stars, as well as on-line competitions on the site of the shopping center “Caravan” (www.karavan.com.ua), from
lottery prizes and gifts from our partners.
More than 200 shops of clothing and footwear, food supermarket “Caravan”, furniture hypermarket, ice rink, aquarium, children’s entertaining complex “Igroland”.

Location: Dnipropetrovsk city Jubilee Street Nizhnedneprovskaya, 17
Opening date: October 23, 2008
The total area is 97 500 sq.m.
Average daily attendance is 30,000 people per day.
More than 200 stores of popular brands of clothing and footwear, the grocery hypermarket “Caravan”, the hypermarket of furniture “Caravan”, cinema “Multiplex”, ice skating rink.

This is an outdoor advertising placement, indoor advertising in three CARAVAN shopping malls:
Kyiv, Lugova, 12
Kharkiv, st. Heroes of Labor, 7
m Dnipropetrovsk, smt. Jubilee Street Nizhnedneprovskaya, 17

  • boards on the facade;
  • branding of input groups (columns, visor, glass);
  • placing ads on Scrollers (Incoming Groups).




  • branding of escalators, advertising on city-lights;


  • authorization of promotional event events;
  • placement of advertising designs and stands, authorization of promoters;
  • car exposition.

  • branding rollerdrome, ice roller, banner on the boards, flags, advertising on boxes, etc.



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