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Exposure of cars in the sс. Academ city (February 2019)

Sm. Academ city, address: (Kyiv, 16, Palladin Avenue).

Academ Center is a modern shopping center, where more than 30 tenants are located: shops, cafes, restaurants. Parking for 200 cars. The average attendance is about 15,000 people a day. There are options for placing advertising campaigns here. For example, advertising on a media foam, promotions, audio advertising and auto exposition. This month, we updated the car on display at the Academ city sm. Now here is the “pleasing eye” of Suzuki Vitara.

It is a compact crossover with the potential, which is based on advanced technologies and long-standing traditions of the legendary SUZUKI. The body design uses steel of high-strength grades, makes the new model exceptionally reliable, safe and energy-efficient at a phenomenally small weight of the car of only 1,075 kg. The touch-sensitive 7-inch display provides intuitive control of multimedia equipment. More information about the car can be found at the Academ city shopping center or at the auto showroom.

Exposure of cars in the shopping center Academ city



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Реклама в ТРЦ Neo Plaza (м. Дніпро)

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День народження ТРЦ Gulliver 2019

День народження ТРЦ Gulliver. Реклама в ТРЦ Gulliver до дня народження.

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