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Advertisement on the media facade on the Pecherska (Kyiv, March 2019)

Advertising on a media facade in the popular, active area of Kyiv near the metro station Pechersk (bul.U.Ukrainka, 26). It is located above the exit of st.m. Pechersk A new and accessible location to promote your product for a viable TA of your business.

Screen features:

Format: Portrait (vertical orientation)

Screen: PP16mm

Screen resolution: 384x960pix

Hours: 7:00 – 22:00

Dimensions, m (WxH): 6.1×15.3 m.

Number of exits per day: 300

Since the last updates of the advertising program – advertising BudCapital.

BudCapital – asset management company carries out professional asset management activities for institutional investors.

Advertising BudCapital on the media facade in Kiev (metro Pecherskaya)



Examples of video placements on our YouTube channel.


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Advertising on the Ocean Plaza sm. media facade (June 2019)

Advertising in Ocean Plaza, including media on the facade. Updates to the airwaves.

Advertising in Dnipro (June 2019)

Outdoor and indoor advertising in the city of Dnipro. Updates to advertising plots.

Advertising on the video screen of the Gorodok sm. (June 2019)

Advertising on the video screen of the Gorodok shopping center (Kyiv). Portfolio of advertising campaign.

Exposition of the car in the sm. Academ city (June 2019)

Exposition of an automobile in the Academ city (Kyiv). Exhibit update.

Gulliver shopping mall (June 2019)

Advertising on the Gulliver shopping mall facade (Kyiv). Updates to the airwaves.

Advertising at the Ocean Plaza Mall (May 2019)

Advertising at the Ocean Plaza shopping mall and media space advertising. Updates of promotional stories (May 2019).

Advertising on VDNG video board (May 2019)

Update of the advertising agency of Best Buy advertising agency on the VDNG video board (Kyiv).

Coca Cola advertising on Beef video screen (May 2019)

Beef video screen in the center of Kyiv. Update of the broadcast.

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