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Advertising at VDNG “Winter Country” (Kyiv)

Advertising for the New Year and Christmas holidays is an effective option for advertising campaigns. Every year there are active events in the center of Kyiv and at the VDNG (1, Ak. Glushkov Ave., Kyiv). The high attendance and activity of the target audience indicate that advertising during this period is especially effective.

About the project

The VDNG annually hosts the Winter Country, the largest amusement park in Ukraine (season 5).

Event attendance statistics:

2017-2018 – 530 thousand visitors.

2018-2019 – 709 thousand visitors.

2019-2010 – expected attendance of 800 thousand

Project implementation period: 07.12.19 to 01.03.20.

Free entrance! As it was last year’s story from Channel 1 + 1.

It is at the entrance of the VDNH that a video screen is installed where you can place a creative New Year’s advertising campaign.

Characteristics of the video screen:
PH10 LED screen
Dimensions, mm (HxW): 5280х9280 mm
Working hours 7: 00-23: 00
Sound: Yes

VDNH video screen

VDNH video screen Kyiv

Target audience

Targeted “Winter Country” family with kids ages 3 to 15. A fabulous world for kids and family vacations attracts visitors. Active holidays for the target audience of 16 years.

Advertise on Winter Country VDNG

January study 2019

 Financial situation     Interest
+++ 3%
++ 45%
Середній +  48%
Середній – 2%
– – 1%
– – – 1%
Overall 100%



It is on Winter Country that everyone can feel like a child and plunge into a fairytale world. Take a break from everyday life and from “super busy” people to become kids. To dream and write a letter to Santa. It is these projects that create a sense of fairytale and belief that miracles are possible.

Advertising at VDNH for New Year holidays

Advertising at VDNH for the new year 2019



The whole atmosphere at VDNH is created for maximum immersion in fabulous, children’s dreams. Christmas tree, clouds, snowflakes, and snowballs glow. Also, contact areas have been created: swings-pergolas to ride the cloud. Themed photographic zones of soft, cool shades of pink, blue and purple – Tree of Wishes and Dreams Come True. Creative interactive for all – creating a great picture of a shared dream.

Advertising at VDNH for the new year

Advertising at VDNH for the new year 2019


Animators work in the west to lift the mood, activity and fun photos. These are the main characters of “Winter Country” – snowmen, magicians, illusionists. Near the main Christmas tree are hourly theatrical flash mobs that involve people in the activity. Disco on stage, entertainment, and competitions – there will be no time!

2019 VDNG Animators



Carousels at VDNH 2019

Slides at VDNH 2019

The previous map

Advertising on VDNG map 2019


1.Gift Corporation

Pavilion №1. Period: 12.14.19 to 01.14.20

VDNG Gifts Corporation 2019 VDNG Gifts Corporation

2.Santa’s Christmas Factory

Pavilion №2. Period: 01.11.19 to 15.01.20

Santa's Christmas Factory 2019

Santee Factory at VDNG 2019

3.Residence of Santa Claus

VDNH Santa Claus Residence 2019

4.Christmas show “Winterra”

Winterra's New Year show at VDNH

5.Ice sculpture castle

VDNG Ice Sculpture Castle 2019

And also: Kyiv puppet theater, showroom “W8Less”, spherical cinema Teleport 360, skating rink (23×70), tubing slides, contact zoo, Planet of the Metclics. Tropical Farm, Questmania, Sky park – winter rope park, street entertainment area, restaurants: Hay Loft Ukrainian BBQ, exact at VDNH, warm food court “Bavarian yard”, street food courts (about 30 houses).

New Year night

Starting December 31, 2019

Ends January 1, 2019

New Year’s Eve meeting at VDNH in a fabulous country! Concert on stage, fun, and romance.

New Year at VDNH 2019


You can order the placement of the advertising campaign in the “Buy” section or by phone: 044 390 11 22. You can also contact Best Buy specialists in the “Contacts” section.

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