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Advertising for VDNG in the period of the New Year 2020-2021

Everyone is waiting for the New Year because everyone wants to experience a winter fairy tale and Christmas adventures. Many residents and guests of the capital visit the Winter Country, because where else to feel the New Year’s mood if not there? It is located at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements (Kyiv, Ak. Glushkova Ave., 1).

Every year a large number of visitors celebrate the New Year and have fun during the winter holidays. This is the largest amusement park in Ukraine (season 6)!

Event attendance statistics:

2017-2018 – 530 thousand visitors.

2018-2019 – 709 thousand visitors.

2019-2020 – 1.15 million visitors

2020-2021 – expected attendance of 1.25 million

Project period: 12.12.20 to 14.03.21

The entrance to the territory is free! As it was last year at the link

At the entrance to the park on the left and on the right, there are two video screens, where advertising is possible. Since there are a lot of people who want to launch an advertising campaign at the largest amusement park, we advise you to plan and book an advertising broadcast.

Screen characteristics:

LED screen PH10

Broadcast time 07: 00-23: 00

Dimensions, m (WxH): 2.88×2.88

Number of exits per day: 960

OTS: 145

More details at the link

Advertising on video screens of VDNG

About the project

The sixth season of the largest amusement park at VDNG! This is a winter country, where everyone will find a recreation area and immerse themselves in a fairy-tale, New Year’s world. Skating rink, slide residence of Santa Claus, the castle of ice sculptures, Museum of New Year and Christmas tree toys, New Year’s fair, cafe, concert area, and other locations for recreation.

Map of the Winter Country at VDNG

Full presentation

Target audience

The target audience is families (average income +) with children from 3 to 15 years old, because everyone is attracted by the fairy-tale world, and the real Santa Claus can be seen here. But young people from 16 years old love active recreation in this location. In the Winter country, you can get in the festive mood and really relax “like a child” fabulously.

Advertising on VDNG during the New Year

Winter country concept 2021

This year we want to be even closer and create trusting relationships between people. As a symbol of connections and relationships between people, they decided to change the style and logo. Namely: more red colors and a red thread in the logo will be added. The decor will also use red threads, round shapes, Christmas lights and a knitted texture as a symbol of care and warmth.

Advertising on VDNG in the new year

Festive atmosphere and entertainment

The main mood of the “Winter Country” and snowmen, as well as flash mobs near the Christmas tree, competitions and discos on the stage will support the New Year’s mood.

New Year at VDNG

From entertainment in the Winter country will be organized:

★Christmas Dream Factory from Klavdiyevo Factory

★Interactive multimedia projects in pavilion №1

★Showroom W8less

★Skating rink (23х70м)

★Concert Hall – “Residence of Santa Claus”

★Spherical cinema Teleport 360

★Tubing slides

★Castle of ice sculptures

★Contact zoo

★Zone of street entertainment and attractions

★SkyPark –winter rope park

★Planet of butterflies. Tropical farm

★Exhibition “Universe of the Animal Body”

★Attractions Funhouse


★Street food courts (about 30)

★Restaurants: Hayloft, «ENEA point», Coffee Lover

★Warm food court “Bavarian court”

Advertising at the VDNG for the New Year

Advertising of VDNG

The main beauty of the holiday will be decorated in warm colors and huge knitted scarves, and the entrance with large balls of knitting threads in support of the symbol of warmth and care.

Advertising at VDNG Kyiv

Let’s remember how it was last year:

Advertising of VDNG

New Year at VDNG advertising

New Year at VDNG Kyiv

Advertising in the Winter Country of VDNG, Kyiv

Advertising at the VDNG for the New Year Kyiv

We are waiting for you and your advertising campaigns in the largest amusement park – Winter Country at VDNG!

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Exclusive accommodation at Gulliver Mall!

Exclusive prices for media facades of Gulliver shopping mall! The area of media screens is 3400 square meters and the largest media facade is 17 thousand square meters!

New concept of video screens at VDNG!

A new concept of VDNG video screens (Kyiv)

Advertising on the MEGA-screen of Vidi Boryspil!

Advertising on the new mega screen Vidi Boryspil!

Advertising in sm. Gulliver

The total area is 158 000 m2

Advertising at the Food Plaza shopping center

Media facade with a total area of 60 square meters. at the Central Station of Kyiv

Advertising on the mega-screen Vidi-Boryspil

Boryspil district, Kyiv region, M-03 highway

Advertising on VDNG

Kiev, Academician Glushkov ave., 1

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