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Advertising in Dnipro (June 2019)

Dnipro is a modern and active place for walking, recreation, accommodation, business, and advertising campaigns. There is a wide range of locations and options for advertising. This can be outdoor advertising – video screen advertising or advertising on the media facade or indoor advertising – advertising in the mall, exhibiting cars, advertising in elevators and more. Best By’s advertising agency will be able to assist in any placement of the advertising campaign and will carry out this process easily, quickly and efficiently.

As for outdoor advertising. Of the most popular locations, this is on the media facade of the Passage shopping center (50, Dnipro, D. Yavornitsky Ave.) and more. Recent updates:

1. Advertising Bukovel on the media facade of the shopping center Passage.

Bukovel is the largest ski resort in Ukraine.

Advertising Bukovel on the media facade of the shopping center Passage

2. Advertisement Keddo on the French carousel near the shopping center Passage.

KEDDO is a footwear brand founded in the early 1990’s casual style.

Advertisement Keddo on the French carousel near the shopping center Passage

3. Branding of the entrance group in the Passage shopping center by Miraton advertising.

Miraton is a network of multi-brand footwear and accessories fashion brands. There are 13 stores in the largest cities of Ukraine.

Branding an incoming Miraton ad group

Regarding indoor advertising in Passage shopping center:

1.Exposure cars Honda CR-V in the shopping center Passage.

The Honda CR-V is a compact crossover manufactured by Honda since 1995. The abbreviation CR-V for European markets stands for Compact Recreational Vehicle, translated from English. means “compact car for rest”.

Exposure of Honda CR-V in the Passage shopping mall

2. Branding of the column in the atrium of the shopping center Passage advertising Tamir.

Tamir is a rapidly developing Ukrainian brand of men’s classic clothing. The company was founded in 2009.

Branding columns in the shopping center Passage advertising Tamir

3. Advertising Vitto Rossi on suspended structures in the shopping center Passage

Vitto Rossi is a European brand of shoes and accessories manufacturer. Widely represented in Eastern Europe and actively developing in Ukraine. It is positioned as a brand with a huge range of quality leather products.

Advertisement Vitto Rossi on the suspension structures of the shopping center Passage

Equally popular is the indoor video screen at the Most City shopping center (Dnipro, 2 Glinki St.), which is located around the perimeter of the shopping mall atrium. Recent updates:

1.Advertising Betty Barclay on the Most City video screen.

Betty Barclay is an elegant German women’s clothing brand.

Реклама Bestty Barclay на відеоекрані ТРЦ Мост-сіті



Examples of video placements on our YouTube channel.


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Advertising in Gulliver

The total area is 158 000 m2

Advertising in GLOBUS

Total area: 35 277.0 m2

Advertising in Most-City

The area of the object (GBA) is 117000 m2

Advertising in the Neo Plaza shopping center

Total area: 24 505 square meters.

Advertising in Gagarin Plaza

Near the central entrance to the beach “Arcadia” at the intersection of the street. Posmity and Genoese Street.

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