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Advertising in Dnipro, Passage shopping center (August 2019)

There is not much advertising, it is not enough. And yet, it happens – ineffective. But this is not what we are talking about right now. Advertising in the city of Dnipro, as in all other cities is diverse. Do you always have the choice: outdoor advertising or indoor advertising? Each of them has its advantages and with high-quality placement and creativity has high efficiency. How to choose the type of advertising and where to place it best You can read in the “Articles” section or contact Best Buy specialists in the “Contacts” section.

One of the options for advertising campaigns in the city of Dnipro is citylights. There are different locations in this type of advertising campaign, such as at the entrance to or near the Passage shopping center. You can get acquainted with the advertising opportunities on our site. From the latest updates of the advertising plots in Dnipro:

1. Advertising KFC on citylights near the shopping center Passage.

KFC is an American chain of fast-food restaurants.

KFC advertising on citylights near the Passage shopping center

2.Advertising Green Forest at citylights near the shopping center Passage.

Green Forest is an English language school.

Green Forest advertising at cityscape near Passage Shopping Center (Dnipro)

Static advertising is not a bad thing, because you can take photos, read or memorize them. But technologies are ahead of the usual advertising campaigns. Keep up with the times! Dynamic ad campaigns, that is, advertising on media or video screens, are gaining ground. Of course, placement options are different in different cities, and each is effective and has coverage.

In the city of Dnipro, there is a possibility of accommodation in an active location, namely on the facade of the shopping center Passage. No, it’s not a static board or banner or video screen. Here is a full media facade.

Screen features:
With the sound.
Broadcast time is 7: 00-23: 00.
Screen size: 7.7×14.4 m.
Number of outputs per day: 64

Recent updates on the airwave:

1. Advertisement Samsung Note 10 on the media facade of the shopping center Passage.

Samsung Note 10/10+ is the newest flagship of 2019. 3500mAh intelligent battery with all-day supply. Cinematic frameless display. The internal memory of the laptop is 256 GB.

Samsung advertising on the media facade of the shopping center Passage



Examples of video placements on our YouTube channel.


Another type of advertising campaign is advertising flags. Usually, the effect of repetitiveness attracts attention, as well as on citylights, but flags take up less space and are placed in crowded corners of the city. Recent updates:

1.Advertising Friends on the flags in Dnipro.

Friends is an English language school.

Friends advertising on the flags in Dnipro

Do not forget that there are profitable offers in an advertising agency Best Buy! You can view them in the section «Shara». You can calculate the cost of placing your advertising campaign in the “Cost” section.

Advertising in Gulliver

The total area is 158 000 m2

Advertising in GLOBUS

Total area: 35 277.0 m2

Advertising in Most-City

The area of the object (GBA) is 117000 m2

Advertising in the Neo Plaza shopping center

Total area: 24 505 square meters.

Advertising in Gagarin Plaza

Near the central entrance to the beach “Arcadia” at the intersection of the street. Posmity and Genoese Street.

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