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Address: Kyiv, Sq. Sports, 1st

Geolocation: 50.438641, 30.522717

The largest media facade in Ukraine consists of two parts, located at Gulliver Mall and Gulliver Shopping Center.

Media facade №1 at Gulliver shopping mall.

Located on the facade of Gulliver Mall and has a total area of about 3500 square meters. (after installation). These are high-definition LED screens with a pixel pitch of 10 mm, displaying more than 16 million colors. Video screens adorn the Sports Square, Palace of Sports, st. Esplanade, street Pool, street Rognidynsk.

LED-screen Р10
Work schedule: 7:00-22:00
OTS: 462 GRP: 15,39

The file of research of efficiency of a media facade

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Layout and characteristics of media facade screens №1 Gulliver Mall

from the street Esplanade:
Dimensions (WхH), mm:  screen №1-2: 93760х16800
Dimensions (WхH) pixels: 7680х1374
Dimensions (WхH), mm: screen №3: 23680х16800
Dimensions (WхH) pixels: 2368х1680
from the square. Sports:
Dimensions (WхH), mm:  (left screen №4): 40320х16800
Dimensions (WхH) pixels: 4032х1680
Dimensions (WхH), mm:  (bottom screen №5): 38080х16800
Dimensions (WхH): pixels: 3808х1680
Dimensions (WхH), mm:  (top screen №6): 10240х20800
Dimensions (WхH)  pixels: 512х1040
Terms of reference before making the video:
TC for a complete image of the video on the screens from the street. Esplanade.
We make the screen №1-2 and №3 with one file of total size (WxH): 11744×1680 pixels.
Then divide into 2 files: 9376×1680 pixels (and reduce it to size 7680×1374) and 2368×1680 pixels
File requirements: no more than 20% white background. mp4, 30 fps, bitrate 10 Mb / s – 20 Mb / s, no more than 200MB, timing multiple of 5 seconds, no milliseconds.
The file name must specify: TM name, file size in px, timing (BlackFriday_3584_1680_10).

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Media facade №2 on BC Gulliver.

Located on the tallest business center Gulliver with a total area of ​​about 17 thousand square meters! More than 2 million LEDs from the French company Blachere Illumination are used. It can be seen a few kilometers from the following areas: Shevchenkivskyi, Holosiivskyi, Pecherskyi districts of Kyiv. The business center is located between the central arteries of the city: Lesia Ukrainka Boulevard, Velyka Vasylkivska Street, Taras Shevchenko Boulevard and Khreschatyk Street.

This is the government and business district of the capital, where Ukrainian business and international partners, guests of the capital and tourists from different countries meet.

Schedule of the media facade №2: depending on the season detailed schedule

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Advertising on the media facade of Gulliver shopping mall

aabb_logo_youtube Video presentation on the creation of a media facade 2

aabb_logo_youtube Visualization of the media facade 2

Layout and characteristics of media facade screens №2 MC Gulliver

from the street Poor:

Screen №1.1 is central

Dimensions (WхH), m: 75х86

Screen №1.2 right

Dimensions (WхH), m: 25х50

Screen №1.3 left

Dimensions (WхH), m: 25х30

General screen extension (WхH) pixels: 2100х1440

from the square. Sports:

Screen №2

Dimensions (WхH), m: 75х30

Dimensions (WхH) pixels:1026х512

Screen №3

Dimensions(WхH), m: 75х43

Dimensions (WхH) pixels: 1440х720

LED-screen Р10

Реклама на медіафасадах ТРЦ Гулівер

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Calculation of efficiency

№ Media screen OTS day GRP
№1 77 000 2,57
№2 62 000 2,07
№3 56 000 1,87
№4 79 000 2,63
№5 38 000 1,27
№6 58 000 1,93
№7 71 000 2,37
Sum: 441 000 14,71

The file of research of efficiency of a media facade

About sm. GULLIVER

The total area is 158,400 m2

Leased area – 45,200 m2

Average attendance: 55,000 people.

The grand opening took place on November 30, 2013.

The multi-functional center is located in the heart of the cultural, historical and business part of the capital, Gulliver complex consists of a business center of class “A” (two towers) and a 10-storey shopping and entertainment center. BFC Gulliver is one of the tallest buildings in Ukraine. The height of the 33-storey tower of the business center is 141 meters.

Gulliver Shopping and Entertainment Center has 20 cafes and restaurants, 24-lane bowling, Gulliver Children’s Entertainment Center, Oscar Cinema, Sky Fitness Fitness Club, Visa Center and more than 250 stores of well-known international brands. The underground floors house a Silpo supermarket and three floors of underground parking for 450 cars.

The international class A business center is more than 50 offices of companies, including: Coca Cola, Oschadbank, Eldorado and many others.

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