Advertising in sm. Vavilon


Advertising on the media facade of the Vavilon shopping center

Advertising in the shopping center Babylon

Address: Dnipro, Marshall Malinovskoho Street, 2

Geolocation: 48.483903, 35.063406

The media facade is located at the main entrance to the Babylon shopping mall. Located in the Amur-Lower Dnieper region near the Central Bridge on one of the busiest highways in the city.

Characteristics of the media facade:

P12 LED screen

Dimensions (WxH), mm: 3840 × 2880

Working hours: 7:00 – 23:00

Extension (WxH), pixels: 640×480

OTS: 38,000; GRP: 1.1

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There are also video screens on the entrance groups at the entrance and exit of the shopping and entertainment center

Advertising on video screens of Babylon shopping mall

Characteristics of screens on input groups:

P6 LED screen

Dimensions (WxH), mm: 960 × 1920

Working hours: 7:00 – 23:00

The extension (WxH), pixels: 576×1152

8 units.

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About sm. Vavilon

Total area: 28,200 square meters.

Retail area: 17,700 square meters.

Average attendance: 10,000 people.

Babylon Mall was opened in 2007. It consists of a shopping center with an area of 17,700 square meters. and a business center on 7630 sq. m. Free parking for 650 cars is open. Lots of entertainment, cafes, restaurants, and shopping. Among the tenants supermarket FOZZY, EVA, Sport Hub, children’s amusement park, and much more.




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