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Advertising in T. Shevchenko Park during the New Year holidays!

New Year is a time for dreams and fairy tales. So you want to dive into the depths of the fairy world and feel like a fabulous hero. This is exactly the opportunity this year in Shevchenko Park.


On the eve of New Year’s Eve, the boundary between the worlds disappears and anyone who believes in a miracle a little will be able to visit the magical city of magic Jol. It is located in the heart of the capital, in the New Year’s mystical park of T. Shevchenko (Kyiv). It’s a city where magic and miracles take place. Here are witches and magicians who look to the future and fulfill desires. Yol is a city where miracles are enjoyed.

Advertising in Shevchenko Park Kyiv

Target audience: youth 16+, families with children, Kyiv residents and city guests.

Dates: 12/15/2019 – 01/19/2020

The expected number of visitors is 400 thousand.

Visits of Yolle:

  • undergo a magical ritual at the Power Chapel and conjure up a New Year’s good luck;
  • pass a magical quest and obtain stone of Power;
  • turn to luck;
  • actively rest and have fun;
  • enjoy magical performances and concerts on the main stage;
  • taste magical drinks for luck, love, wealth and dreaming.

Locations Yol:

  • The stage and the Christmas tree
  • St. Nicholas’ Reception Room
  • Sili’s Temple
  • Shaman’s House
  • Fortune telling home
  • Druid House
  • House of Herbalists
  • Mirror Yol
  • Entertainment area
  • Food court.


Here are the forces of light and darkness. The light turns on the day of the roundabout for the children around the Christmas tree. draws and presents are held. Darkness at night suits night shabbas from DJ shamans. it is here that the spirit of the city lives, it is the leader in a fascinating quest.

Enchanted quest

The entire city of Yol is a mental maze full of magical mysteries and trials. After completing all the tasks of the wizards of Yol and solving its puzzles, you can become a citizen of the city of magic and obtain a mysterious artifact – a stone of power. who fulfills his most cherished wishes as well as sponsor prizes.

St. Nicholas’ Reception Room

It smells like childhood. Kids can write a letter of wishes to a sorcerer and get a delicious gingerbread from helper elves or even make their own gingerbread house. Adults can remember all their godfathers and send them delicious Christmas gingerbread cards.

Sili’s Temple

Magical installation of a circle of elements, in which anyone can undergo a ritual of purification by fire, tie a ribbon on the tree of wishes and make the most cherished wishes on the sacrificial stone. Thematic rituals and activities will take place before the holidays.

Mirror Yol

This is a free romantic skating rink from holiday partners, which has been pleasing Kyiv and visitors to the city for a year now.

Entertainment area

In a magical city – magical entertainment. The elves share the skill of archery, the gnomes forge a personal coin of luck, the enemy will discover the secrets of magic and teach them to enchant, the fairies lead roundabouts. And here is the magic nativity scene and traditional Ukrainian Christmas games.

In every magic house, you can feel your secret, watch the chakras and try the magic rituals. And at the food court, refresh yourself with traditional and unexpected culinary experiments from famous Kyiv restaurants and magicians Yol.

Advertising opportunities

It is here that there are great opportunities for advertising in the park of Taras Shevchenko. One of the main options is advertising on video screens. They will be placed near the stage and skating rink of the park, which is where the maximum reach of the target audience will be.

Characteristics of screens:

Size: 6×4 m.

Working hours: 10: 00-23: 00

OTS: 60

Advertising on a video screen in Shevchenko Park for New Year holidays

In addition, there are other advertising opportunities in Shevchenko Park during the New Year holidays, such as:

  • placement of a photo zone;
  • promotions;
  • branding of entrance arches;
  • branding of the main stage in the park;
  • Christmas tree branding
  • and sponsor the event!

Advertising in Shevchenko Park Kyiv

Реклама в парку Шевченка

Advertising on video screens in Shevchenko Park

Advertising in Shevchenko Park during the New Year holidays

Location scheme for New Year’s mystical park

 Scheme of placement in Shevchenko Park in Kiev for the New Year


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We are waiting for your advertising campaigns in the park of T. Shevchenko, which is located in the “heart” of the capital!

You can order the placement of the advertising campaign in the “Buy” section or by phone: 044 390 11 22. You can also contact Best Buy specialists in the “Contacts” section.

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