Advertising in the Gorodok Gallery shopping center


Advertising in the Gorodok Gallery shopping center

Address: Kyiv, 23 Stepan Bandera Ave.

Geolocation: 50.489620, 30.495643

The media facades are located on the facade of the Gorodok Gallery shopping center and broadcast advertisements at one of the largest transport intersections Kyiv – Petrivka, which connects the following overpasses: Bohatyrska Street, Obolonskyi Avenue and Stepana Bandera Avenue. Pochayna railway station and Pochayna metro station are nearby. Advertising on media facades is designed for the audience of residential areas: Obolon, Troyeschina, Rainbow.

Screen characteristics:

P10 LED screen

Screen dimensions №1 (WxH): 11520 × 6560 mm

Screen dimensions №2 (WxH): 864 × 480 mm

Working hours: 7:00 – 23:00

Screen extension №1, pixels: 1152×656 or Full HD

OTS: 99;  GRP: 3,3

Screen extension №2, pixels: 864×480 or Full HD

OTS: 143;  GRP: 4,77

More about media facades

Advertising on the media facade of Gorodok shopping center

Advertising on the media facade of Gorodok shopping center (Kyiv)

About Gorodok Gallery shopping center

Total area: 45,000 square meters.

Retail area: 33,000 sq. m.

Takes about 20 thousand people a day.

One of the first shopping centers in Kyiv! Since 2018, it has been working on a new Gorodok Gallery concept, which includes: Technohab – a concentration of hardware and electronics stores, Jewelry Quarter (one of the TOP largest in Kyiv), 90 clothing and footwear boutiques, food court and restaurants, Fozzy hypermarket, Event Hall Pochayna and parking for 1000 cars.


Advertising opportunities in the Gorodok Gallery shopping center

Advertising on media facades

Video advertising on the video stairs in the central atrium.

Screen features:

LED screen PH 10.

Operating mode: 10: 00-22: 00.

Dimensions, m (WxH): 3.5×4.95

More detail

Advertising on the video screen in the Gorodok shopping mall

Advertising on front boards, firewalls, backlights, light boxes, city lights

Advertising on the boards of Gordok shopping center

Advertising on the entrance areas of the shopping center

Advertising at the entrance to the shopping center Gorodok

Hanging banners in the atriums

Advertising on hanging banners in the Gorodok shopping center

Banner advertising in Gordok shopping center

Exposition of cars.

Exhibition of cars in the Gorodok shopping center

Exhibition of cars of Gorodok shopping center (Kyiv)

Carrying out of promo, – event, – actions

Advertising in the Gorodok shopping center

Calculate the cost of placing your advertising campaign on the media facades in the section “Cost”. Order advertising: (044) 390 11 22, EMAIL:


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