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Advertising in the New Year in the shopping center Passage!

Advertising during the New Year holidays is the key to a successful advertising campaign. After all, everyone wants to be in the center of the celebration. In the city of Dnipro, the main Christmas tree is located near the shopping center Passage (50 D. Yavornitsky Ave.), where different advertising options are possible.

Advertising in the Passage Shopping Center in Dnipro

Locations of advertising campaigns

The main and most effective option for advertising campaigns is the media facade. It is located near the main Christmas tree of the city and on the Independence Square. This is where the activities are planned, which we will write later in the article. Therefore, it is your advertising campaign that will be visible from a distance and with a high reach of your target audience. According to the study performance indicators: OTS – 60; GRP – 2.

Screen Features:

Dimensions: 14,4×7,7 m
Working hours: 7: 00-23: 00
The presence of sound

Advertising on the media facade of the Passage shopping center for the new year

Of course, other types of advertising campaigns are also possible, such as:

  • branding, advertising photo zones

Branding a Christmas tree near the shopping center Passage

  • advertising on the French carousel near the shopping center Passage.

Advertising on the carousel near the shopping center Passage

Advertising on the facade, as well as internal advertising in the shopping center Passage.

About the project

On the main stage from November 19, 2019, to January 13, 2020, during the New Year holidays, Dnipro and guests of the city will have fun at a rousing concert with cheerful presenters and Ukrainian stars. For all visitors, the organizers have prepared a Christmas atmosphere, photographic zones, DJs, performances of Christmas tales and competitions. The New Year’s fair is open for socializing, enjoying traditional dishes and rhythmic music.

The largest outdoor rink in the city of Dnipro is located here every year. Active holidays for fun and music are the traditional entertainment of the Dnieper during the New Year holidays. Also, there is a permanent French carousel near the Passage shopping center, which adds a sense of romance and a fabulous mood.

As it was last year’s story near the Christmas tree and entertainment on the European Square.

Advertising near the shopping center Passage

Advertising near the shopping center Passage in New Year's Eve


We are waiting for you and your advertising campaigns near the main Christmas tree in the city of Dnipro! Do not be delayed, as many people will be in the spotlight!

You can order the placement of the advertising campaign in the “Buy” section or by phone: 044 390 11 22. You can also contact Best Buy specialists in the “Contacts” section.

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