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Advertising in shopping center «ACADEM CITY»


Location: (Kyiv, Academician Palladin Avenue, 16)

Shopping center «ACADEM CITY» it is a modern shopping center, where about 30 tenants and parking for 200 cars. The average attendance of ACADEM-CITY is about 15,000 people a day.

Total area: 11 000 sq. m

Variants of advertising campaigns:

Features Screen:

  • LED screen PH20
  • Overall size: 140h4, 32 meters;
  • Working hours: 7: 00-23: 00;
  • Ad unit: 15 minutes;
  • The price cost is 1 second: 0,7 UAH;
  • TS to video clips – format: mpeg, avi, mov, jpg, html, swf;
  • Left screen (WxH): 3824×216 pixels; right screen (WxH): 3616×216 pixels;
  • Timing without mileseconds, RGB, Pal;
  • Soundless.


Examples of video placements on our YouTube channel.

Advertising in the shopping center Academ City

Download full presentation shopping center «ACADEM CITY»

Order the advertisement: (044) 390 11 22, EMAIL:

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