Advertising on VDNG


Advertising in the network of VDNG video screens (Expocenter of Ukraine)

Address: Kyiv, Akademika Glushkova Ave., 1

Geolocation: 50.379890, 30.477457

We are building a network of video screens that cover the entire audience of the largest exhibition and entertainment venue in Ukraine!

3 screens at the entrance to the exhibition center, 2 screens at the central entrance of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements, 2 screens at the central square of the Expocenter of Ukraine.


P5 LED screen

Dimensions (WxH), mm: 2880 × 2880

Working hours: 7: 00-23: 00

The extension (WxH), pixels: 576х576

OTS: 145; GRP: 4.82

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Two video screens at the entrance to the VDNG

Реклама на ВДНГ

Media gallery at the entrance to the VDNG, which consists of three screens.

Реклама на відеоекранах ВДНГ

About VDNG

VDNG is a cultural and innovation center that includes arts and education, exhibition facilities, public spaces, and leisure.

The largest event venue, where the largest events take place: Atlas Weekend Festival, Winter Country, Inflammatory Oil Festival, AGRO Exhibition, Courage Bazaar, Craft Beer Fest, Kyiv Food & Wine Festival. There are many locations: quests, cycling country, children’s country, hammock garden, BBQ area, rope park, swimming pool, contact zoo, spherical cinema, ice rink, equestrian club. Educational institutions Midgard school, KEVETA school. In the fall of 2020, the small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine will open the first interactive space “Museum of Science”!

There are 180 buildings on the territory of the expo center. 20 of them have been awarded the status of monuments of urban planning and architecture of the local significance of Ukraine. The national complex “Expocenter of Ukraine” has a total area of ​​286.3 hectares. According to this indicator, it ranks 5th in the world among the largest exhibition centers on the planet.

Approximately 2 million people visit the expo center every year. About 100 exhibition events are organized in the exhibition areas. 50% of them are international and national specialized exhibitions, others – business, sports, corporate, exhibition and presentation, holiday events. Annual exhibitors are exhibitors from 25 countries. Also, every year the Expocenter of Ukraine organizes 22 specialized exhibitions, 10 of them are international.




Examples of video placements on our YouTube channel.


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Advertising at the Food Plaza shopping center

Media facade with a total area of 60 square meters. at the Central Station of Kyiv

Advertising on the mega-screen Vidi-Boryspil

Boryspil district, Kyiv region, M-03 highway

Advertisement on the mega screen Vidi AutoCity

Kyiv, st. Velyka Kilʹtseva, 60-A.

Advertising in sm. Smart Plaza Polytech

Total area: 25 000 sq. m.

Advertising in the Gorodok Gallery shopping center

Kyiv, 23 Stepana Bandera Ave. Total area: 45,000 sq. m.

Advertising in GLOBUS

Total area: 35 277.0 m2

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