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Advertising on video screens on Sofia Sq. 2019-2020

New Year’s holidays in the capital are a pleasant time when about 3 million people of Kyiv and city visitors visit the country’s main Christmas tree and spend time in the company of Ukrainian star-artists. Every year, the festive program rejoices and entertains all those entertaining with competitions and drive concerts.

The total period of New Year’s activities: 19.12. 2019 – 01/13/2020

Holiday concert program:

December 19, 20 – 21, 27 – 28, December 31, 2019.
1-4.01, 7, 10.01 – 11, January 13, 2020.

Free entrance! As it was last year’s plot 1 + 1.

Advertising on a video screen on Sofia Square during the New Year holidays

Advertising on Sofia Square 2019

Ad Event Center is ready to book now! Hurry, if you plan to place your advertising campaign near the main Christmas tree of the country, because you want to be the focus of attention. Advertising options are:

1. Two LED screens near the main stage, 6×4.5 m in size.
2.LED screen near Vladimir fare, size 8×6 m.
Working hours: 10: 00-23: 00
OTS: 115

Screenshot rendering:

Advertising on video screens during the New Year

About the project

The symbol of this New Year and Christmas is the Nutcracker who embodies the triumph of good over evil. This project is completely immersed in a fabulous New Year’s story. Holiday Express will take you to any of the 4 kingdoms. Ready for the trip?

Advertising on Sofia Square 2019  Advertising on a video screen on Sofia Square

Gift Kingdom

Gifts are always nice to receive but no less enjoyable to give. Here is a wide selection of various souvenirs, Christmas toys and many other treats for family, friends and loved ones.

Fair on Sofia Square

The kingdom of entertainment

A fun place not only for children but also for adults. In this area, there are endless fun, attractions, animators, workshops and other locations that will not let you get bored.

Attractions Sofia Square

Kingdom of Likes

A place where each visitor will find a location near which they wish to be photographed. Many photographic zones where you can take selfies and immediately share with them in social. networks.

Advertising on Sofia Square 2019

The kingdom of taste

And here you can reinforce yourself to continue your journey. Different dishes to your taste can be found in the food court area of Sofia Square or Vladimirsky Passу.

Advertising on Sofia Square

Vladimir’s passage

The New Year’s Fair is a place where you can savor traditional dishes from different cities of Ukraine and drink warm drinks. For photo lovers, a photo alley has been created, where you can instantly become a Santa Claus / Snow Maiden or the hero of your favorite movie. This is a place that will leave you with a lot of emotions and memories!


We are waiting for you and your advertising campaigns near the main Christmas tree in Kyiv!

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