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Advertising on video screens on Sofia Square 2020-2021

Both Kyivites and guests of Kyiv are looking forward to the fabulous New Year’s holiday. An unforgettable celebration near the main Christmas tree of the country together with star artists leaves pleasant memories and photos from photo zones. Every year the festive program lifts the mood with competitions, entertainment and entertains everyone with drive concerts.

The general period of New Year’s activities: 19.12. 2020 – 13.01.2020

Holiday concert program:

19, 20 – 21, 27 – 28, 31 December 2020.
1-4.01, 7, 10.01 – 11, 13 January 2021.

Free entrance! The concept of Sofia Square last year, where about 150 thousand Kyivites and guests of the city celebrated the New Year.

Advertising on video screens on Sofia Square

This year, the Best Buy advertising company is installing screens in the “heart” of Kyiv, in the most active place for celebrating the New Year near the main Christmas tree on Sofia Square (and on Kontraktova Square). We manage the airwaves and exclusively place advertising campaigns on video screens. Advertising booking is now available! Hurry up, because everyone wants to be the center of attention during the most active period of the year.

Two LED screens near the main stage, size 6×4.5 m.
Opening hours: 10:00-23:00
Screen area: 40 m2
Screen size: 8400 x 4800 mm
Resolution: 1008 x 576 pixels
FullHD support: 1920 x 1080p
OTS: 115

Full presentation

Visualization of the concept of “Fairytale Forest”:

New Year's advertising in Kyiv

About the project

Everyone, both adults and children, are waiting for the new year. Because these days you can be a child and immerse yourself in the world of fairy tales and miracles. It is on Sofia Square that everyone will be able to relax and get a charge of New Year’s mood in the Fairytale Forest 2021. During the month, all visitors will be able to enjoy the beauty of tall Christmas trees, which are formed by garlands, old huts, and the main Carpathian spruce 27 meters high!

The main Christmas tree of the country

It will feature 900 themed toys and over 3 km of warm Christmas lights. The tree itself will be in the form of a giant stump with windows from which light will be emitted. Around the tree, there will be photo areas in the form of forest elves, which will fulfill wishes and lift your spirits.

Advertising on Sofia Square 2021


In general, the main characters of the holiday will be Christmas elves. They will accompany all visitors to all locations of the fairy forest: near the main Christmas tree, near the photo areas, on branded products, and outdoor advertising.

Advertising on Sofia Square 2021 Fairytale forest

Fair houses

Traditionally, at every celebration without a gift fair. It will be located next to the main Christmas tree in the country. The fair houses will be located around the monument to B. Khmelnytsky, which will be decorated with garlands and bright lanterns.

New Year's advertising on Sofia Square

The main stage of the celebration and the food fair

What holiday without music and dancing? A stage where pop stars and Ukrainian orchestras and incendiary presenters will perform, who will lift the mood and hold competitions. And to the left and right of the stage will be placed video screens with New Year’s commercials of companies.

Advertising on video screens on Sofia Square

The side of Volodymyrskyi Proezd will be equipped with original Christmas arches, photo areas and a food fair will be located here..

Advertising during the new year in Kyiv

New Year 2020 on Sofia Square

Let’s remember what the New Year celebration on Sofia Square 2020 looked like:

Advertising on Sofia Square 2021

Advertising on video screens on Sofia Square

Advertising for the New Year in the capital

Sofia Square New Year

Advertising on Sofia Square 2021 Kyiv

As well as advertising is possible on the video screen on Kontarktova Square

We are waiting for you and your advertising campaigns near the main Christmas tree in Kyiv!

You can order the placement of the advertising campaign in the “Buy” section or by phone: 044 390 11 22. You can also contact Best Buy specialists in the “Contacts” section.

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Exclusive accommodation at Gulliver Mall!

Exclusive prices for media facades of Gulliver shopping mall! The area of media screens is 3400 square meters and the largest media facade is 17 thousand square meters!

New concept of video screens at VDNG!

A new concept of VDNG video screens (Kyiv)

Advertising on the MEGA-screen of Vidi Boryspil!

Advertising on the new mega screen Vidi Boryspil!

Advertising in sm. Gulliver

The total area is 158 000 m2

Advertising at the Food Plaza shopping center

Media facade with a total area of 60 square meters. at the Central Station of Kyiv

Advertising on the mega-screen Vidi-Boryspil

Boryspil district, Kyiv region, M-03 highway

Advertising on VDNG

Kiev, Academician Glushkov ave., 1

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