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Advertising on the media-facade of the shopping mall “Department Store” Ukraine “

Address: Kyiv, Sq. Victory, 3 Geolocation: 50.446689, 30.492358 Already in April this year, the most anticipated video screen of the capital with a total area of ​​360 square meters! The media facade is located at the Department Store Ukraine in the heart of the city on Victory Square in the Shevchenkivskyi district of Kyiv. The […]

Advertising on the media-facade of Respublika Park shopping mall

Kiev, Bolshaya Okruzhnaya, 1
One of the best media facades in Kiev with a total area of ​​275 sq. м.

Advertising in the mall River Mall

Kiev, Dnieper embankment, 12.
One of the best media facades in Kiev with a total area of ​​240 sq. M. and a video screen in the food court area of ​​48 sq.m.

Advertising in sm. Gulliver

The total area is 158 000 m2

Advertising at the Food Plaza shopping center

Media facade with a total area of 60 square meters. at the Central Station of Kyiv

Advertising on the mega-screen Vidi-Boryspil

Boryspil district, Kyiv region, M-03 highway

Advertising on VDNG

Kiev, Academician Glushkov ave., 1

Advertisement on the mega screen Vidi AutoCity

Kyiv, st. Velyka Kilʹtseva, 60-A.

Advertising in the Gorodok Gallery shopping center

Kyiv, 23 Stepana Bandera Ave. Total area: 45,000 sq. m.

Advertising in GLOBUS

Total area: 35 277.0 m2

Advertising in Most-City

The area of the object (GBA) is 117000 m2

Advertising in the Neo Plaza shopping center

Total area: 24 505 square meters.

Advertising in sm. Vavilon

Dnipro, Marshall Malinovskoho Street, 2

Advertising in Gagarin Plaza

Near the central entrance to the beach “Arcadia” at the intersection of the street. Posmity and Genoese Street.

Advertising in shopping center Atmosphere

The total area of 38 000 sq.m.

Advertising in shopping center «Athena Gallery»

“Best Architectural Project of the Year”!

Advertising NSC Olympic

At the station 70 050 landings.

Advertising in the Caravan shopping center

The total area of 86 000 sq.m.

Advertising in the Grand Plaza

The total area is 10,000 square meters. m

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It is important which advertising campaign to place, what to place, but quite a lot – where to place the advertisement. We have many different options – indoor advertising and outdoor advertising. Each of these cases has its own options. Either this is an advertisement on a media facade or a video screen, or this is an exposition of the car or an advertisement in a lift location can be different. We work in different cities of Ukraine and have wide opportunities in accommodation. This section will help you navigate the options for advertising in the mall or other locations.

Of course, you can view the portfolio of advertisements, find out the cost of advertising and order advertising. Let’s make your advertising campaign successful together!