Advertising in the shopping center. Benefits of advertising in shopping centers

Advertising in shopping and entertainment centers (shopping centers) of Ukraine

Due to high attendance and direct contact with TA (social status of middle and above average), advertising in shopping centers is gaining in popularity and is a qualitative way of influencing the mass audience of potential clients of different ages with different income levels. Shopping centers are suitable for advertisers of the different sphere of activity: from international trademarks with advertising all over Ukraine to small companies with location at a specific shopping center, and of course, the tenant of the shopping center.

In connection with the huge selection of advertising opportunities in shopping and entertainment centers, any advertiser under the advertising campaign can pick up the program and advertising space.

The tenant of the shopping center has an opportunity to announce promotions and discounts, sending the flow of potential customers to the store with the help of advertising on: media facades, video screens, boards; entrance groups, in elevators, on city lights, hanging banners, click-frames, authorization of promoters, holding event events, work of promoters and more.

Big TM can get direct contact with the consumer placing an advertising promotional stand with their products and hold an event, put image advertising on video screens and media facades, atriums of the shopping center.

Automobile salons can effectively exhibit new models of cars at the mall, where there are more visitors who can sit in the car in the cabin and the consultant will answer all the questions.

There are many other opportunities to advertise a product or service when a large number of visitors to shopping and entertainment centers (in large shopping malls from 30 thousand people a day.In the period of sales and holidays, the attendance of the shopping malls increases 2-3 times to 90 thousand visitors per day), who will see your ad.

 Video screen Most-City

All advertisements for shopping and entertainment centers:

Lightbox advertising – glowing advertising. It is used both in the shopping center and on the streets. Its appearance attracts the attention of the CA. Actively used to increase customers, since its cost is small.

Advertising on lightboxes in the shopping center

Advertising on city light – usually serves for image advertising. Can be used both on the street and in the shopping center. To create an image and image, the principle of repetition is used. You can also use it for the purpose of increasing clients.

Реклама на ситилайтах в Днепре  Galvanni advertising for a click-frames at Ocean Plaza

Advertising in the elevator – advertising is in different formats, effective because of the person in the elevator and how it can not be avoided. A budget way to attract attention and ensure coverage of TA, increase the number of potential clients.

 Advertising in the elevator of the sm. Passage Advertising in the elevator of the shopping center

Promotions – with the help of personal contact, certain actions are planned (to protest, taste, etc.) to bring the company closer to the clients. Usually used to increase product sales or product launch on the market. Performed using a promoter.

 Authorization of the promoter Authorization of the promoter in the shopping center

Authorization of the promoter – a person or a group of people who work on advertising the goods in the shopping center, usually for a promotional rack. The protest, protest, etc. Contact with a buyer on line to increase product sales.

  Promotions in Riviera shopping mall Promotions in the shopping center

Exhibiting of cars – an exhibition of cars in the shopping center or outside for direct contact with potential clients. The purpose of such an advertising campaign is familiar. To provide customers with the opportunity to partially learn the technical characteristics, see the interior and exterior of the car, push for a record for the test drive and purchase as a result.

 Exposing an automobile in the Academ city Exposition of Ford Kuga car at Riviera sm.

Banners are hanging – often graphic images, which are attached to the ceiling in atriums.

Ocean Plaza atrium Advertising on hanging banners sm. Passage

Branding of the incoming group – advertising on the incoming group in the shopping center. As a rule, sticking oracle. A good way to remind you about a company and make a great deal.

Advertising in the Riviera sm.of Odessa Брендирование входной группы ТЦ Глобус (г. Киев)

Branding columns in the shopping center – advertising on the inner columns in the shopping and entertainment center. A large advertising banner is placed on the columns. Large and informative advertising always attracts attention.

Брендирование колонн в ТЦ Globus (г. Киев)  Branding of columns in sm. Passage

LCD monitors – advertising on tv monitors, on navigational panels, which are placed in the shopping mall on the beach and in crowded places.

  Реклама на LCD в ТРЦ Ocean Plaza Реклама на видеоэкране в городе Одесса - Галерея Афина

Audio advertising – audio advertising in the shopping center. Network throughout the territory of the shopping center from the parking lot, to the food court.

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