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Audio advertising at Gulliver shopping mall

To the Day of Lovers audio advertising in the shopping center Gulliver.

Gulliver shopping mall is shopping, entertainment, restaurants and services. Convenient parking and location.

The shopping center in the heart of the city is about three metro. Round-the-clock indoor parking for 450 persons. Shopping is possible on any budget, relevant brands for the whole family. Cinema, bowling and entertainment center for children. Beauty salon, car wash, supermarket, restaurants with a variety of cuisine and more.

Advertising in the shopping center Gulliver

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Audio advertising Sova store

SOVA entrusts the position of an expert in jewelry and jewelry trends.

Audio advertising Vitto Rossi in the shopping center Caravan

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Audio advertisement DoctorWax on the radio

Colour-Rich Polore Doctor Wax – Effective for removing defects of paint and varnish coating.

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