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Birthday of Gulliver shopping mall (celebration 19.10.2019)

Birthday is always a great day. All acquaintances, friends, colleagues, and relatives speak as many warm words as there is enough for a whole year. One of the birthday guests has celebrated his birthday recently – the Gulliver shopping mall (Kyiv, 1a Sportivnaya Square). The organizers carried out a rather large and thorough work. Everything was at a high level and the number of visitors went wild.

The following activities were planned: free flash tattoos, photo zones, aquagrime, Hobby Games activity, NYX Professional Makeup Ukraine holiday makeup, braid on the counter Beauty Salon, as well as a concert and main draw – a Subaru WRX car STI.

Among the speakers were young artists: Andriy Boyko, Veronica Kovalenko, Valeriy Khristyuk, Sofia Samolyuk, Bogdan Titarenko, Anastasia Oleshchuk, Maxim Ustyansky, and Kateryna Manuzina, and favorite artists of Ukrainians: ON I ONA, LAUD, YARMAK, Zlata Ogne. Of course, everyone present expected bright performances: Misha Romanov and singer # 1 of Max Barsky!

Birthday photo report:

Birthday of Gulliver Shopping Mall

Birthday of Gulliver Shopping Mall, Kyiv

Gulliver mall's birthday 2019

Birthday of Gulliver Shopping Mall 2019

Birthday of Gulliver Shopping Mall 2019

Gulliver Shopping Mall 2019

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Advertising in Gulliver

The total area is 158 000 m2

Advertising in GLOBUS

Total area: 35 277.0 m2

Advertising in Most-City

The area of the object (GBA) is 117000 m2

Advertising in the Neo Plaza shopping center

Total area: 24 505 square meters.

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Near the central entrance to the beach “Arcadia” at the intersection of the street. Posmity and Genoese Street.

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