Advertising on citylights

Advertising on citylight – usually used for image advertising. This advertising design is often sized to 1.2×1.8 m (maybe others) with the use of Back Lite paper. External signs for organizations located nearby can be used in advertising.


  1. Potential clients can get close enough, get acquainted, promoter information on the posters.
  2. Posters backlighting.
  3. Advertising does not require a fairly large space for placement.
  4. This ad is effective. It is installed along the sidewalk, auto traffic and in the shopping center where there is a large flow of visitors.
  5. Using the principle of repetition. It creates a certain image and image.

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Advertising in elevators

Advertising of various formats is protected by plexiglas.

Promo action

Actions aimed at bringing the company closer to potential customers.

Authorization of the promoter

Tasting, handouts, advice to interested potential customers.

Exposition of the car

Direct direct contact of potential customers with auto.

Banners hanging

Structures that fasten over the ceiling.

Branding inbound group

Advertising on the incoming group of shopping malls

Advertising on LCD monitors

Advertising on LCD monitors in shopping malls and BCs

Audio advertising

Audio advertising in the shopping center

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