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Exposure of the car in the sc.Riviera (December 2018)

Exhibiting a car is a good way to unobtrusively remind, tell, demonstrate a car to potential customers in the shopping center. Here you can get acquainted with the technical characteristics of the car and sign up for the test drive.

From the last places: there was a snowy and vivid exposition of the car in the Riviera sm. (Odesskaya oblast, Fontanka, Southern Road, 1). This is the Renault Duster car.
Renault Duster – fuel consumption in the combined cycle – 4.6-4.8 liters / 100. Carbon dioxide emissions in the combined cycle – 120-126 g / km for diesel dCi 110 and 183-192 for petrol SCe 115. Cameras for circular inspection allow track space around the car by 360 °.

Exposing a car at Riviera sm. 2018 Exposition of a car at the Riviera shopping mall Exhibiting Renault in the Riviera sm.



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