Advertising agency “Best Buy” provides an opportunity for every client or visitor to use the base of media facades and video screens throughout Ukraine. The base of media facades and video screens is intended for the prompt placement of advertising campaigns (RK) throughout Ukraine.

The task of this database is to provide up-to-date information on all video screens and media faces of Ukraine, to form an on-line promotional project and to launch the RK overnight. The database is constantly updated and always relevant.

The base of media facades and video screens allows us to form the LCD according to several criteria: the period of the advertising campaign, the city, the type, the timing of the video, the number of outputs in the block.

The period of the advertising campaign is the period for which you want to place your advertising campaign.

City – a city in which an advertising campaign is planned.

Species – What kind of advertising campaign is planned: advertising on a media frame or advertising on a video screen.

Timeline of the video – the duration of the video.

The number of outputs per block is the number of outputs of the advert in the ad unit.

The number of outputs per day is the number of times the ad roller is exited in the ad unit for the day (automatically considered).

When registering on a site, you get access to your personal office and see the cost per video screen/media foam for the formed LCD, which allows you to manage advertising campaigns and budgets. Each new LCD comes in “Favorites” and automatically gets to our manager. Within 1 hour you will be contacted for clarification of details of the LCD. After agreement with the detail manager, the stage of drafting and signing of the contract is underway. All RKs are stored in the personal office in the “Archive” indefinitely! This allows the advertiser to access the archive at any time and see what was posted, where, when and for what amount.

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