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New mediafacades in Kyiv!

We want to share the nice news! New media facades are already available in Kyiv. We introduce you new developments of the capital:

1.Mediafacade Hotel Ibis. High-quality digital advertising at the southern railway station in the city of Kiev.

Hours 7: 00-22: 00.

Format: vertical orientation.

Screen: RR12mm.

Screen size: 1 section: 768 x 18 432 mm, 2 sections: 3072 x 18 432 mm

Screen resolution: 64×1536 pix, 320×1536 pix

Facade size: 3.8×18.4

Advertising at the IBIS Hotel mediafacade

2.Mediafacade on bul. L.Ukrainka. It is located above the exit from the sq. M. Pechersk

Format: Portrait (vertical orientation)

Screen: PP16mm

Screen resolution: 384x960pix

Hours: 7:00 – 22:00

Facade size: 6.1×15.3

Advertising on media facade bul.Ukrainian

3.Mediafacade on the street. V. Vasylkivska, 57/3. The location is located in the business part of the city, next to the Olympic metro station, the NSC, and the business center of the same name.

Format: horizontal orientation

Screen: PP16mm

Resolution: 1568 * 256 pixels

Facade size: 25×4,1

Advertising on the Media Facade of Kyiv

4.Mediafacade on the street. V. Vasilkivska, 9/2. Located in the business center of the city, between Besarabskaya Square and the Palace of Sport (BC Makulan).

Format: Portrait (vertical orientation)

Screen: PP12 mm

Screen resolution: 384×1 216 pix

Facade size: 4.6×14.6

Реклама на медиафасде на ул. Васильковская г.Киев

5.Mediafacade on the street. Mechnikov, 3A. The premium location is adjacent to the largest shopping, office and shopping centers in Kiev, NSC Olympic, Bessarabia Square and government buildings.

Format: Portrait (vertical orientation);

Size: PP16 mm;

Screen resolution: 352×1408 pixels.

Facade size: 5.6×21.5

Advertising on mediafasad on Mechnikov




Examples of video placements on our YouTube channel.


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New video screens in the center of Kyiv!

New video screens in the center of Kyiv. Advertising on the Gulliver shopping mall screen and on the street. Shota Rustaveli.

Advertising at Ocean Plaza Mall (September 2019)

Advertising on the media facade, branding of the entrance group, exhibiting cars and other types of advertising in the Ocean Plaza shopping mall (Kyiv).

Advertising in the Gulliver shopping mall (September 2019)

Advertising on the Gulliver shopping mall facade (Kyiv). Advertising Portfolio.

Advertising on the Most city video screen (September 2019)

Advertising in Dnipro. Advertising on the video screen of Most city shopping center (Dnipro).

Advertising in the Passage shopping center (September 2019)

Advertising in the shopping center Passage, Dnipro. Advertising in the Passage Shopping Center for September 2019.

Advertising on the Ocean Plaza sh. mall mediafacade (August 2019)

Advertising on the Ocean Plaza shopping mall and advertising in the Ocean Plaza shopping mall (Kyiv).

Advertising on the video screen blvd. L.Ukrainki (Kyiv, August 2019)

Advertising in the center of Kyiv on Blvd. L.Ukrainka, 26, near the Pechersk subway. Updates to the airwaves.

Advertising on the Most сity video screen (August 2019)

Advertising on the video screen of the Most сity shopping mall (Dnipro). Updates to the airwaves, placement portfolio.

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