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Ocean Plaza 2019 Birthday Party

Birthday is always wonderful. After all, so much attention from family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and even strangers. It is this day that says that one more year behind our shoulders and experience has become even more. We love the birthdays of our colleagues, partners, and friends.

Soon the birthday of our partner and friend Ocean Plaza shopping mall (Kyiv, Antonovycha St., 176). Every year, the collaboration becomes stronger, more enjoyable and easy. Every year, the mall management organizes the activity and the main gift!

At the celebration on October 5, 2019, will be the legendary Dzidzio and the grand prize – a SUZUKI VITARA car. An advertising campaign during this period will be a great success, because how many people need to shop at a store to win this car. And on the birthday of the visit to the mall will go wild! Last year, this figure was more than 105 thousand! Therefore, we recommend that you do not delay and book an advertising campaign at the shopping mall mediafacade or other types of Ocean Plaza shopping campaigns during this period.

Advertising on the media facade of the Ocean Plaza shopping center


Let’s remember what it was like last year in 2018.

Ocean Plaza mall's birthday 2018

Ocean Plaza mall's birthday 2018

Ocean Plaza mall's birthday 2018

Also, October 19, 2019, is the birthday of our partner at Gulliver shopping mall (Kyiv, 1A Sportivnaya Square).

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Advertising in Gulliver

The total area is 158 000 m2

Advertising in GLOBUS

Total area: 35 277.0 m2

Advertising in Most-City

The area of the object (GBA) is 117000 m2

Advertising in the Neo Plaza shopping center

Total area: 24 505 square meters.

Advertising in Gagarin Plaza

Near the central entrance to the beach “Arcadia” at the intersection of the street. Posmity and Genoese Street.

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