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Ocean Plaza mall’s birthday (celebration 5.10.2019)

What a pity that birthdays are only once a year. After all, such emotions, positives, and drive want to be felt more often. On October 5, 2019, Ocean Plaza Mall celebrated its 7th birthday!

Already on the street, everyone passing by and passing by the car heard that the celebration had begun. At the entrance was placed a structure where Dj was with his work equipment.

Birthday of Ocean Plaza

Birthday of Ocean Plaza 2019

Walking in the middle immediately felt the festive mood and spirit of fortune, because at the reception there was quite a queue of people wishing to win a car Suzuki Vitara.

Ocean Plaza 2019 Birthday Party

An entertainment program was organized for visitors. Both for adults and younger.

Play demonstrations for children:

Ocean Plaza shopping mall's birthday 2019

Natalia Mogilevskaya’s autograph session at Ocean Plaza:

Autograph session of Natalia Mogilevskaya at Ocean Plaza 2019

Birthday of Ocean Plaza 2019 Natalia Mogilevskaya

Other performers also took part in the concert program, including headliner Dzidzio.

Gaitana Birthday at Ocean Plaza The birthday of Ocean Plaza shopping mall Kyiv Dzizio for the birthday of Ocean Plaza Birthday of Ocean Plaza Shopping Center Kyiv Dzidzio at Ocean Plaza mall 2019 Ocean Plaza Birthday 2019 Dzidzio

And, of course, the best part is finishing the prizes. But there is one that everyone in attendance was looking forward to – the Suzuki Vitara. Five candidates were selected by fair lottery. Each of them chose a key, of which only one fits into the car. The emotions of the winner cannot be conveyed in words.

Drawing a car at Ocean Plaza mall for your birthday

Winner of the car at the birthday of Ocean Plaza 2019

Drawing a car for the birthday of Ocean Plaza 2019

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