Audio advertising at Gulliver shopping mall

Audio advertising for the Valentine’s Day at Gulliver shopping mall.

Audio advertising for spring Sale in Passage!

Spring discounts up to 80% in Passage and prize draw!

Audio advertising autograph session with Antytila in Passage

An autograph session with Antytila in Passage!

Audio advertising “Black Friday” in Passage

Lottery of prizes among buyers of “Black Friday” in Passage.

Audio advertising for Easter in Passage

The best goods, services and delicious food at Passage!

Audio advertising Sova store

SOVA entrusts the position of an expert in jewelry and jewelry trends.

Audio advertising Vitto Rossi in the shopping center Caravan

Three days of crazy discounts up to 70% and gifts!

Audio advertisement DoctorWax on the radio

Colour-Rich Polore Doctor Wax – Effective for removing defects of paint and varnish coating.

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