Production of printing for TH Library

TD Library – the highest standards of clothing, footwear and accessories.

Polygraphy for Choupette

out-door advertising for the CHOUPETTE brand store.

Production of printing for Vitto Rossi

Advertising of the new collection Vitto Rossi.

Production of polygraphy for Zarina

Zarina advertising at Gulliver.

Production of printing for Vintage

Advertising discounts for wine supermarket Vintage on March 8th.

Production of polygraphy for Shilipizza

Shilipizz promotion promo at Ocean Plaza.

Production of polygraphy for Gulliver Bowling

Gulliver Bowling – Advertising gift certificates for bowling in Gulliver.

Production printing for Silensa

Silensa – the right choice for individual parameters.

Production of polygraphy for Scotfree

Scotfree is a quality and harmony of style for self-assured people.

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