Promotion offer on the video screen VDNG

A favorable offer from an advertising agency Best Buy to advertise on VDNG video screen (Kyiv, pr. Ak. Glushkov 1).

Video Screen Characteristics:

LED screen                              РН10
Number                                    1 unit
Dimensions, mm (WxH):     5280×9280 mm
Operating hours                     7: 00-23: 00
Sound                                       Yes

Media Plan:

Clock timer: up to 20 sec.

Number of outputs in a 10-minute block: 1

Period of placement: 1 month

Price value: UAH 24 883,20

With a discount of 20%

Promotional price: 19 906,56 UAH.



Examples of placement on VDNG video screen


Details can be found by calling 044 390 11 22 or by contacting specialists Best Buy.

Видеоэкран на ВДНГ


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